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Qorma Masala

Qorma Masala

Packet Ingredients:

Red Chilli, Salt, Coriander, Ginger,
Onion, Mango Powder,
Green Cardamom, Clove, Garlic,
Big Cardamom, Black Pepper,
Acid (Citric Acid), Turmeric,
Screw Pine Flavoring,
Anti Caking Agent (Silicon Dioxide)

Mutton/Chicken 750g – 1 kg
Onion (Medium) 5 pcs (Finely Sliced)
Yogurt (Whipped) 1 1/2 cup
Mehran Garlic Paste 1 tsp
Mehran Ginger Paste 1 tsp
Ginger Julienne 2 tbsp
Oil/Ghee 1 – 1 1/4 cup /200g – 250g

Mehran Qorma Masala 1 packet – 50g

  • Heat oil/ghee, fry onions on high heat for 10 minutes until they become transparent. 1. Heat oil/ghee, fry onions on high heat for 10 minutes until they become transparent.  Reduce the heat and fry, stir continuously until the onions become golden.

  • Strain the oil/ghee and spread fried onions on paper, when they cool and become crisp, crush coarsely and keep aside.

  • In the same oil/ghee add Mehran Garlic & Ginger Paste, and fry for a minute then add meat, yogurt, Mehran Qorma Masala and 1 tbsp fried onion. Stir well, cover and cook on low heat.

  • When meat becomes tender and oil separates, add onion, water and cook for 5 – 7 minutes on low heat until oil comes on top. (For mutton add 3 – 4 cups of water). 

    * To enhance the flavor add 1 – 2 drops of screw pine flavor.

Serve with naan, taftaan or sheermal. Garnish with ginger julienne.
Serving for
6 – 8 people.

(1 packet 50g)

50 minutes for chicken.

1 – 1 1/2 hours for mutton.


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